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Angus (Hong Kong) says...
Just a brilliant help there from Angie to an idiot such as I. Thank you very much indeed. Appreciated.
25th July 2013 7:48am
virginia (Turkey) says...
Once again I have been shown amazingly speedy responses to my emails, and understanding with the problem.
I wish the banks of the UK would work in the same way - VPNUK could teach them a lot in customer service and communication!
24th July 2013 7:29am
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Leo Sonnenberg (Canada) says...
Hello. This is to advise you that I have cancelled my account. My reason for this action is that I am entering a seniors' care facility and will not have my computers with me. I have enjoyed using your innovative internet service and found it to be top notch. Thank you!
23rd July 2013 5:16pm
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Peter (Australia) says...
Unfortunately while it easy to set up a VPN and watch the BBC iplayer on the computer, sadly (despite the clear instructions for setting up a smart TV) it does not work on Sony Smart TVs. Maybe this works on other brands of Smart TV, but not on Sony :-(
Hello Peter, thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately some Smart TVs can still be very hit and miss on the Smart DNS service. Although Smart TVs are getting better in terms of service availability they are still quite limited, Samsung have the best availability, they are currently the only manufacturer that has BBCiPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5. It is still always best to run TV's through a computer over an HDMI cable connection, this enables you to access all available media services on the TV like a regular computer would at very high quality. Another direct option if you still want to access the TVs built in Smart TV services is to run the connection through a router connected to the VPN.
19th July 2013 8:31am
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John MacArthur (France) says...
A very simple problem, quickly solved. Thanks, Carlos
18th July 2013 1:58pm
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Roger (Holland) says...
Couldn't get it to work on my Android TF300 but worked a dream on my PC. Thank you to Carlos for his patience. Wink
16th July 2013 12:21pm
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Juana (United Kingdom) says...
I have a brilliant service each time I needed it
Thank you so much Smile
13th July 2013 3:51pm
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Virginia (Spain) says...
Excellent service I have no complaints.
12th July 2013 1:33pm
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virginia harrington (Turkey) says...
On the two occasions I have had a problem with my monthly subscription (ie, fraud on my card, so it was cancelled) VPNUK have been excellent in their dealing with my problem and sorting it out quickly. Cannot praise enough.
9th July 2013 9:02am
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Juliana (United States) says...
SmileYou guys are just the best, The service is par excellence and ANGIE, you are a GEM. I cannot speak highly enough of the service from this company. WELL DONE!

You keep me connected with home and that is just priceless.

8th July 2013 6:01pm
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Thomas (United States) says...
Thank you for a great service and super support. Use it everyday. And thanks Angie for a quick rsponse. Mahalo and Aloha
29th June 2013 6:40pm
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Lynne (Qatar) says...
Having lived in the Middle East for the last few years I would like to send a huge message of thanks and appreciation to VPNUK. your service has been a lifeline, keeping me sane and closer to home. Your service deserves more than a 5 star - excellent just doesn't do it justice, and the professionalism of your Customer service agents deserve a 10 star rating!
With regret I have to cancel my subscription as I am now back in the UK.
Keep up the the fantastic job you do.
3rd June 2013 10:27pm
Phyllis (United States) says...
Smile Angie was a great help!
28th May 2013 10:30am
Simon (New Zealand) says...
Thanks for an excellent service!
26th May 2013 11:18pm
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Paul (Azerbaijan) says...
Angie in Live support was great. Thanks,
17th May 2013 6:01pm
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Stephanie (Trinidad-Tobago) says...
I just got online for the first time 2 months ago and enjoying my new found discovery. Thanks again.
16th May 2013 6:22pm
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Hazel robinson (Italy) says...
It works but that was all down to Gary who was so helpful and set it up for me, he was so kind and I wouldn't have done it without him. All day I have tried to sort out getting UK TV he did it in no time. Big thank you to Gary: ;)
13th May 2013 11:30pm
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Sofia (Uruguay) says...
Super thankyou
7th May 2013 3:08pm
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Julie (Spain) says...
FINALLY able to sort problem out BUT it would have been REALLY helpful to my stress levels if someone would answer the telephone! I tried to call several times throughtout the day and I just received the same message "no one is able to answer, go on website..." BUT that was part of the problem I couldn't log onto the website......PLEASE if you publish an international telephone number for people to use have people available to answer it!!!!!! Thank-you after 24 hours of stress and worry and time.....I think I'm sorted
Hello Julie, please accept our apologies. The telephones are answered but only during office hours. At all other times our Live Help service is the best option, that's available around the clock, 7 days a week. If you are ever unable to access our website please try a mirrored version: or send an email to helpdesk [at]
2nd May 2013 6:36am
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N. Chandler (Germany) says...
Immediate and extremely helpful assistance! What more can you ask for?
1st May 2013 10:42am
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Eric Capron (United Kingdom) says...
Very fast response to my request for assistance with a problem installing OpenVPN on my Android device. Problem sorted out at first attempt. Thank you.
30th April 2013 7:00am
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John Brooksbank (United Kingdom) says...
Very easy open vpn setup on dd wrt router. Worked first time.

Very stable and fast connection. I will definitely setup a yearly subscription.

Can't praise this highly enough. Join and you won't be disappointed with service or support. Well done!

27th April 2013 11:23am
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Damir (United States) says...
Just to let everybody know, I tested Smart DNS on Samsung blu ray 3D DVD player, and it works 100%.
However, BBC iPlayer did not work for some reason. Any video that you click to play was just buffering forever and it wouldn't start playing.
Other video apps worked just fine, so I think the problem was BBC iPlayer app, rather than my Smart DNS service.
I tested Smart DNS on my IPad and iPhone and its awesome!
VPNUK good job!
27th April 2013 3:37am
hugh (United Kingdom) says...
Been very happily using the service for a while, which is excellent and trouble free. I was very disappointed that when I asked a question at support about Smart DNS, it was very obvious from the reply that they hadn't actually read the question I asked. Therefore the reply I got wasn't at all helpful.
25th April 2013 9:18am
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bob creek (Spain) says...
Hi, I got to our villa and was dissapointed to find that the owners had put in their own tunnel that prevented any downloading or streaming - eg/ no Skygo.
I contacted Danny on the Live Chat option and after 10 minutes he'd sorted it - What a genius.
Now everyone can watch Sky, etc - Thanks Danny!!!
22nd April 2013 7:32pm
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